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Review – Shoes – Solomon XA Pro 3D Trail (review Feb 15)

Shoes – Solomon XA Pro 3D Trail Running Shoes

Rating: 5/10

Good: Comfortable

Bad: Innersoles lasted 3 days, 200 km holes appeared, 400 km upper completely ripped

Comments: I purchased these shoes in Auckland as they are more cushioned and I thought they would be more comfortable for the road walking. They were comfortable and the very first day I walked 46 km with no blisters or discomfort. I did find I was scuffing my feet as they were heavier and had more heel drop. On the third day they got wet in long grass and the innersoles scrunched up and became unwearable. Holes appeared in the uppers after only 200 km which got bigger and bigger. When the holes were bigger I started to get a blister as the fit of the shoe changed. This issue with the uppers ripping is not isolated to just me. I met several other people wearing the same shoes and they all had the same issues with some of the shoes ripped across from one side to the other.

I would not recommend these shoes for Te Araroa as they are just not durable enough.


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